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Busy parents! How do you spend quality time with your child ?

Whether you've got a couple of kids or just one child, one of the biggest challenges every parent encounter is finding time to juggle everything and getting through the day. With increasing demands and responsibilities in our daily lives, having a quality one or one time with our kids has become nearly impossible.

Many parents search the internet endlessly for activities, devices, toys to keep their kids busy and entertained. Most parents with special needs kids usually struggle to find any activities that are affordable and suitable for their kids' needs. 

As per many scientific studies related to mental health, brain and neurological differences, have proven that regardless of the skill level, taking part in creating something new such as art, handcrafts, tinkering, doodling etc...enormously help with emotional regulation and learning & development.

'Most of us process information on what we see and approximately 65% of the world population known to be visual learners.'

Therefore It is not a surprising fact that all kids can greatly benefit from engaging in crafting activities.

We have put together a list of important facts about how engaging in arts & craft activities can benefit a child with special needs. 

  • Being creative increases the level of happiness and self-confidence 

  • Completing an artwork / a simple craft activity by themselves will make them feel proud about their abilities rather than disabilities.

  • Increases their self-esteem and belief in self. 

  • Provides opportunities to express themselves and find their niche capabilities 

  • Decreases anxiety and stress levels 

  • Encourage learning differently

  • Learning how to be productive when bored

  • helps with improving fine motor skills, hand eye coordination,  social skills etc...

  • improves self-awareness, cognitive development and understanding about the world

Creative craft activities can spark joy, happiness and reduce stress & anxiety in both kids and adults.  Most kids with special needs (in the Autism spectrum, ADHD, Dyslexia, ID etc...) prefer less demanding, less energy-consuming activities that do not cause sensory overload.

By keeping these kids in mind, we have designed our Beginner Level DIY craft kits containing easy, less demanding craft activities.  Our goal is to make life a bit easier for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists etc... and encourage parents to spend at least about 30 minutes with their child engaging with any kind of creative activity they like. You may certainly reap all these listed benefits If you could just manage to squeeze a half an hour from your busy daily schedule.

Our craft kits are designed in New Zealand and we ship worldwide. We use non-toxic materials and almost everything can go in the recycle bin including the packaging. Not only the parents but also we can help dedicated small businesses/organizations in the business of providing childcare, nanny services, early learning, therapy, special education, holiday care or kids group activities etc...  

We would love to hear your thoughts on how your child could benefit from engaging in creative craft activities. Please share this blog post with other parents and connect with us via our Facebook & Instagram pages.


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