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Spark your child's creative thinking with DIY craft activities


"The creative adult is the child who has survived” - the famous quote by Ursula K. Le Guin does remind us of the importance of fuelling the creativeness in our younger generation.

The world thrives on progress and we need more creators, not just consumers. Hence the skills such as creative thinking, inventiveness and resourcefulness have become the most valuable skills to have today.  

My mission is to encourage many children as possible to do more hands-on creative craft activities on regular basis and continue to enjoy the process of making & creating. There are numerous reasons why we should encourage DIY craft activities for our kids, regardless of their skill levels.

Arts & crafts activities will give children a platform to freely express their feelings & emotions.It will spark their own creative ideas and will take their mind away from worries, anxiety, fears for a moment or even helps with depression. 

DIY crafting enables kids to make practically useful items and this is a valuable skill to have for the lifetime. Not only that, it could be one of the simplest activities that we can add to their routine to help them succeed.

  • DIY crafting can help improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration
  • Nurture patience, self-worth and self-esteem 
  • Doing craft activities together is more fun, enjoyable and social
  • Will give opportunities to find what they like to do and capable of
  • Will positively challenge the brain to learn new things
  • Completing a craft activity will make kids feel good about themselves and feel proud of their creations.
  • Will teach kids about the importance of being resourceful, recycling, upcycling and think simple solutions to daily obstacles.
  • Will make learning easier for the kids who learn differently. 

We all know rewards/reinforcements for kids, works wonders. Why not use a fun craft activity as a positive reward for a child who dislikes doing school homework, writing, calculations etc… or as a reinforcement to encourage on subjects or activities that they have little interest.

Easy DIY craft activities are excellent ways to add extra-curricular activities for homeschooling or for children with special needs /delayed skills.  Arts & Craft activities certainly make a positive impact on everyone and empower the kids who learn differently.

SENSIBLE  MIND CREATIVE prepared craft activity kits offer an affordable, value for money solution for busy parents, caregivers, or educators who cannot find time in their day for organizing and preparing activities for children. We believe our craft activities help build strong relationships and rapport between parents & kids by allowing them to work together.

And, how about doing something different this year? 

Surprise a child by gifting one of our DIY craft activity kits/boxes on their birthday or as a Christmas present. If they already love doing arts & crafts, it will mean to them so much & will be appreciated. 

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