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About Us

Hi I'm Jaymie, Welcome to Sensible Mind Creative.

I'm the founder and the creator behind Sensible Mind Creative. I love designing new DIY craft activities and it brings me so much joy to be able to help the kids who learn differently. Sensible-mind-creative

I enjoy doing DIY crafts since my childhood and always wanted to share my passion with others. As being a parent to a special kid, Sensible Mind craft activity boxes for kids are designed by me with greater understanding about positive psychology, visual learning and how arts & crafts could help kids with special needs.

Sometimes the little things we do are the big things...

Our craft activity kits are suitable for all skill levels and no prior DIY craft experience is necessary. We enable kids to complete DIY crafts that seems like big projects, by breaking into small tasks.We supply pre-cut shapes, templates and prepared materials, so the beginners can focus more on the process of making & creating.

DIY crafting is an excellent way to encourage learning, improve fine motor skills, patience, focus, self-esteem and other essential skills. 

A little about our journey and what we do... 

We are a New Zealand based craft company and our journey began as an arts & crafts project making sensory activity boards. After testing a number of DIY craft ideas, I've left my long term corporate career for good, to start a company designing DIY craft activities for all kids - especially to help kids who learn differently. 

I believe craft making can benefit everyone and there has never been a better time to try DIY crafting with the growing awareness & the importance of mental well-being. Our craft activity kits provide more sensible ways to take time out and try something new.

We have connected with overseas suppliers to bring you quality crafts supplies offering worldwide free shipping. 

I hope you will enjoy our site and find us helpful. Feel free to get in touch.

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